Welcome to BUENA! Where you can s
ave products or links from any website to organize your shopping.

If you have any questions or issues, email our talent manager at feedback [at] buena [dot] life

Logging in to BUENA

You can log into BUENA at (scroll, and you’ll see the login button on the top right). 


Overview (why personalize your list)

BUENA isn’t some boring, impersonal list of products. It’s an immersive, interactive experience where you can shop with friends & family. 

You can add videos, photos, and notes to your list — making it uniquely yours.


Add video embeds (web)



Saw an outfit you loved on TikTok, or a home tour you obsessed over on Youtube? Embed videos right into your BUENA list. When you’re shopping, you’ll have the videos that gave you the inspo. 

Add cover photos to your lists

Who doesn’t like things to be pretty? 🤷‍♀️ Add a cover photo to your list. That way, you’ll get a quick glimpse of what the list is all about. 


Every list has a link — which means you can share it any way that you share
any link.
Share lists with friends so they can see what you’re shopping for. 

Sharing a public list

Just copy and paste the URL, or click on the ADD PERSON ICON.

Click COPY LINK and paste anywhere.

Sharing product card

Only want to share a specific product? Just copy and paste the URL.


Create a Section (Web or Mobile):

Your cards will always be added to a section called RECENTLY ADDED.

  • Go to your list
  • Click on the white add button on the left.
  • Type to name your section and press ENTER.
  • Note: you can not use the same section name twice within a single list.
  • Drag & drop product cards into the section

Create a section (Chrome Extension):

  • Click on the LISTS icon on the bottom menu to go to your lists
  • Select the list
  • Click on the SECTION button near the top
  • Type to name your section and press ENTER
  • Drag & drop cards into sections

SECTION ideas:

  • Overview Section
  • Organize by Categories
  • Organize by Retailer
  • Organize by My Favorites, My Wishlist (or Bucketlist)
  • Order by Already Have, Need to Get, Already Bought
  • Organize by Price Points

Really — whatever works for you! Get weird with it.

Drag & Drop to Rearrange Cards (Web, Mobile, Chrome Extension)

You can create sections to organize your products.

Add Notes & Attachments (Chrome Extension or Web)

Add a note to a section, or to a specific card.

A note can be anything, here are some ideas:

  • Comment on why you do or don’t like something
  • Ask a question 
  • Provide an idea
  • Mark who is going to buy what

Attachments can be anything!

  • A PDF (downloadable checklist, recipe, instructions, receipts etc)

Add a note to a section:

  • Within your list, go to the top of the section
  • Click the three dots
  • Click ADD NOTE

Add a note to a card:

  • Within your list, go to the top right corner of the card
  • Click the three dots
  • Click ADD NOTE

Add Photos (Web and Mobile)

You can add photos as attachments or as links.

To add as an attachment, first add a note (click three dots top of section). To add as a link, copy and paste a link with an ADD CARD button, and choose the card type and image type.

Add Collaborators

A collaborator is someone who can edit your list. This could be a friend, a family member, a roommate, a significant other, or really anyone you’re shopping with!

Collaborator permissions include:

  • Add/remove cards
  • Add/ remove sections
  • Re-name list
  • Delete list
  • Update cover photo
  • Add notes/ attachments embeds


Why Public vs Private Lists

Public lists are for anyone to view and shop: it’s an easy way to share your completed lists with friends. 

Private lists are for any purchase you don’t want to share or for lists that aren’t ready for public viewing. You can still invite anyone to be a collaborator on your private list!

Changing List Setting (Web Extension or Web)


Find this on your list cover photos (under MY DASHBOARD, under MY LISTS)