Welcome to BUENA! Where you can s
ave products or links from any website to organize your shopping.

If you have any questions or issues, email our talent manager at feedback [at] buena [dot] life

Logging in to BUENA

You can log into BUENA at (scroll, and you’ll see the login button on the top right). 


BUENA Lists are visual & interactive shopping lists you can share with your friends, family, roommate, or anyone!  There are different ways to create a shoppable recommendation list with BUENA. Create on desktop or your phone by adding a CARD to a list. Add product cards in
bulk using our Chrome Extension.

BUENA isn’t just a regular list; it’s an interactive and engaging list that has ALL the info you need. You can add videos, images, and more to your list too. This is an easy way to bring your inspiration and shopping together. 

Create new list (on web)

There are two ways to CREATE A LIST on BUENA. 

You can create a new list from your dashboard — where you see all of your lists. You can also create a list while viewing or editing an existing list. 

Create a new list from your dashboard

  • Login to your BUENA account
  • Click on the top right menu
  • Click on the icon that says CREATE A LIST
  • Name your list and click SAVE

Create a new list while viewing or editing an existing list:

If you aren’t logged in, you can click SAVE or ADD CARD from any list, and it will prompt you to login and CREATE A LIST.

If you are logged in, CREATE A LIST on the top left navigation. 

Name your list and click SAVE. 

Create new list (web ext.)

[OPTIONAL] We’ve built the BUENA Chrome Extension that allows you to easily save products across the internet as you shop. This is a great way to build BUENA lists, or quickly save products you want to organize in a BUENA List later.  

Once you’ve logged into the BUENA Chrome Extension, open the table with the BUENA icon. Click near the top of the Chrome Extension, on CREATE A LIST. Name your list and click SAVE.

Create new list (mobile)

Once you’ve logged into the BUENA on mobile, there are three ways to create a list:


  • MY LISTS: top button CREATE NEW LIST
  • Within a List: Click on the arrow near the list name for the button: CREATE NEW LIST

After clicking CREATE NEW LIST, type a name for your list, and click the button CREATE LIST.


You can add product cards through the web, Chrome Extension, and mobile tools. 

Product Cards populate useful information like photos, reviews, pricing history, and more.

How to Add Product Cards, Copy & Paste URL

Within a list, click on the red gradient + button in the top right corner. 

How to Add Product Cards, Save From Existing Lists:

You can save product cards from other people’s lists, your own lists, and from the web.

Once you’re logged into your BUENA account, you can go to another person’s list and hover over a card, click on SAVE. This will save the card to your own list. 

To save from your own list to a new list, click the VIEW mode (eye button). You’ll see the option to SAVE the product card to another list. 

Add product cards in bulk (ext. only)

You can easily add multiple product cards to your BUENA list with the Chrome Extension. After logging into the Chrome Extension, click on the tab on the right corner to open the Chrome Extension.

Select the list you want to save products to. 

Click SAVE on each product card, or click SAVE ALL at the end of the product list in the Chrome Extension.